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Solar Power Outdoor PIR Motion Detector With Voice Warning

Solar Power Outdoor PIR Motion Detector With Voice Warning

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Solar Power Independent Outdoor PIR Motion Detector with Voice Warning.

HS-237SP is a good performance with solar energy charging technology for outdoor passive dual infrared detection voice reminder. Adopts two side-by-side passive infrared wind ow design, the detection coverage Angle is as high as 170, the detection range is wide, the detection dead Angle is small, the completely sealed plastic structure design, can avoid sunlight, rain, dust, insects, typhoon and other outdoor common interference factors that are not conducive to the installation of passive infrared detector.
- Two-unit passive infrared detection technology, the detection range is about180 - Using intelligent processing technology, comprehensive analysis and processing of various false alarm factors - 22 different voice can be selected, including daily area use - Professional waterproof design, applicable to any outdoor occasion.
Specification for High and Low Can Be Selected
Working voltage
4.2V Lithium battery
Charge mode.
Solar-powered Or USB 5V
Detecting angle
12m*12m 170 degree
Wireless frequency
433mhz/315mhz Optional
Pet Immune
Detection speed
0.2m / s to 3.5m / s
High And Low Can Be Selected
Red-Blue flash
Installation height
Voice output
90dB (30cm Office)
Anti RFI/EMI interference
0.1-500MHz / 3V / m
Anti-white light
> 100000LUX
22 Different Voice Can Be Selected
Operating humidity (RH)
Operation environment
176mm 100mm 95mm
   Outdoor Dual Passive Infrared PIR Motion Sensor
Solar Powered / Support USB 5v Powered By / Detection Range 170° 12m / With Sound And Light / 22 Different Voice Can Be Selected / Pet Immune 25kg
Ultra-wide Detection, Excellent Presentation
170°wide angle makes the detection distance reach to 12 meters.
Intelligent Recognition and Pet-proof
Adopt Fresnel optical lens and advanced multi-grades digital signal processing detection technology to prevent false alarms caused by small pets under 25KG
Waterproof IP65
Professional waterproof design, applicable to any outdoor occasion
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