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Solar Powered Water Fountain Pool Pond Pump

Solar Powered Water Fountain Pool Pond Pump

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Product Description

Solar fountain is a landscape fountain device that uses solar energy to drive water pump. This product adopts high-efficiency solar panels and a new type of brushless water pump, 

which has the advantages of fast startup, high efficiency and strong stability. In addition, the product floats on the water surface, no external power supply is required, 

and it is easy to install and operate. Products are widely used in pool fountains, rockery fountains, fish tank water circulation and other places.





Main body material: PET laminated frosted 5V 2.5W


Waterproof grade: IP68


Solar panel process: polycrystalline glass lamination.


Pump Specifications: Brushless Submersible Pump BP200 (with 3m cable length)


Water spray height: 40-60CM


Water flow: 320L/H



1 Set


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