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Solar Panel 16 /100W Mono Flexible

Solar Panel 16 /100W Mono Flexible

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Key Features

High Efficiency 

Designed with Monocrystalline Solar Cell but not polycrystaline the efficiency is up to 20.5%.

Long Lifetime

With textured ETFE and special plastic,the solar panel can be used more than 25 years.

Extremely Flexible

This panel is capable of meeting a wide range of applications where standard panels can be inconvenient to mount,such as on the curved roof of an airstram.

Ultra Lightweight

Thanks to advanced materials,this product weighs 75% less than conventional solar panels,making transportation and installation a breeze.

Super Thin Lamination

With Advanced Lamination Process,the solar panel laid flat is only a tenth of an inch tall.

Highly Durable

Rigorously tested,the solar panel was designed to withstand extreme wind  of up to 2200 Pa and snow loads of up to 5100 Pa.

Excellent Self-cleaning Performance

Because of the low Friction Coefficient ETFE Film,the dust and dirt can hardly stay on the surface and a little light rain will make it clearly.


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