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50w Home Solar Power Generator 110v 220v 300 Watts 296wh

50w Home Solar Power Generator 110v 220v 300 Watts 296wh

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300-watt Portable Power Station With Solar Panel For Outdoor Camping

Product overview:

* Portable Backup Power Source: Designed for home or outdoor use with 300 watts of backup power for emergency preparedness kits, power outages, home electronics, mobile devices, lighting, speakers, or any small electronics that make your life easier.
* Charge the Station: Charge the Power Station before storing or using with the included wall charger with a 4-6 hours charge time; car charger in the lighter port 8-10 hours; or with Solar Panel (sold separately) for 5-7 hours.
* How to Use and Store: The LCD screen will display the battery level and indicate which ports are ready to connect your devices to the DC, USB, and AC port options. Recharge every 3-6 months when storing; store in a cool and well-ventilated environment away from water, heat, and flammable gases.
* Ports: Three USB-A output (5V), wireless charge output (10W), USB-C PD input/output (100W), 110 AC inverter output (Pure Sine Wave), two DC socket port output (12V), and DC charging port input (12-30V).
* Dimensions: 215*158*162mm/8.46*1.22*6.38 inches; weighs 3.4kg/7.50 pounds. Operating temperature is 32 to 104 degrees F; storage temperature is 42 to 85 degrees F.
Includes: 300-watt Portable Power Station, Wall charger, War charger, Quick Start Guide, Foldable Solar Panel.


* Camping trips, as moveable power banks on the floor. They can also be safely fold and stored when not in use. (These are also called camping solar panels.)
* Long-distance travel in an RV. Of course, you could also carry a noisy generator for your power needs, or simply enjoy a serene drive with a foldable solar panel installed on your RV! * For boating/fishing/yachting trips. Again, ditch the generator, and let the fish be lured by the serenity of your noise-free environment.
* Daily power backup. Do you find yourself constantly on the road, perhaps off the grid, panicking about your phone losing charge? Instead, you can take a folding solar panel with you and let it serve as your stylish, eco-friendly power bank.

Battery Power
AC Input Charging
AC100-240V TO DC24V/10A Adapter
CAR Input Charging
DC12V~24V/8A Max(Start Car Charging)
Solar Panel Input
DC12V~24V/8A Max
DC Output
2 * 13V/5A
Type-C Output
PD 5V-3A/9V-3A/12V-3A/15V-3A/20V-3A±5%
USB-A1 Output
QC3.0 (5V-3A/9V-2A/12V-1.5A)
USB-A2/A3 Output
AC Output
120V 60Hz
LED light
3W (Max)
Operation temperature
1500 times charge-discharge cycles DOD≥80%
Charge While Discharge
Battery Size

Solar Panel Size/Weight
50w: Unfold:940x427x10mm/Fold:378x427x15mm/Weight: 1.5kg

80w: Unfold:940x762*15mm/Fold: 380*370*40mm/Weight: 2.3kg

120w: Unfold: 1316x762x15mm/Fold: 380x370x50mm/Weight: 3.2kg

160w: Unfold: 1720*762*15mm/Fold: 380*370*60mm/Weight: 4.8kg

200w: Unfold: 1435*1145*15mm/Fold: 400*385*70mm/Weight: 6.2kg

200w(2): Unfold: 1390x1125x15mm/Fold: 380x550x55mm/Weight: 7kg
Battery Weight
MultiSafety Protections
Short-circuit protection/Over-current protection/Low-voltage protection/Over-load Protection/Over-temperature protection

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