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High Efficiency Solar Powered Water Circulation Pump For Ponds Or Aquariums, With Air Stone

High Efficiency Solar Powered Water Circulation Pump For Ponds Or Aquariums, With Air Stone

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Product Description
This product is an oxygenator powered by a solar panel. It does not require any wiring, which ensures a quick and and easy installation. It helps to increase oxygen levels to fishes when fishing or for fish tanks, aquariums. The solar panel should be placed in a well-lit area to ensure enough sunlight exposure for battery charging.
1.[Environment-friendly Solar Energy]The use of solar energy makes it environment-friendly, portable and easy to install with no need for wiring, no operating cost and maintenance free, and solar power is much safer for your kid.
2.[Low Noise]Stable silent oxygen pump with less than 60 dB low noise and 0.5L/min-0.9L/min air volume, suitable for many kinds of containers. 
3.[Battery Backup]Built in a 3.7V 3600mAh 18650 lithium battery pack for storing energy, thus the oxygen pump working in the night as well. 
4.[Evenly Air Distribution]There are 3 working modes can meet your different demands, and two air flow outlets make the air distribution more even and pervasive. 
5.[Widely Applicable]The solar panel angle can be adjusted to receive the sunlight most sufficiently. Perfect for bird bath, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen, etc.
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Method of Operation
1.put the solar panel in a well-lit area to ensure exposure to sunlight.
2.Connect the air stones to the main unit before they are dropped into the water.
3.Press the switch button the air pump will work once there is electricity stored in the built-in battery. Press the button again to choose air pumping high or low speed positions.

Useful Tips
1.Do not put the product into water;its division outlet cannot be blocked.
2.Solar charging speed is depended by sunlight intensity, Please clean the surface of solar panel regular to keep the charging efficiency.

This is a high quality aquarium oxygen fish air pump. Made of high quality ABS material, it's tough and durable to use. Powerful, high output pumps fulfill most aquarium air requirements and are built to ensure years of dependable, trouble-free use. Rubber stabilizer feet and technologically advanced design offer smooth, quiet operation. Perfect air pump to add water movement and oxygen in the fish tank to increase the health of water and give your fish a comfortable environment.
Product Presentation

solar panel





3.7V 3600MAH


3V DC air pump


less than 60db

air flow




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