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14 Inch Solar Powered Roof / Attic Exhaust Fan

14 Inch Solar Powered Roof / Attic Exhaust Fan

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SIPL Comprehensive & Innovative Solar Ventilation Exhaust Fans

SN2014006: 30 watt 19.5 volt square shape Solar Rooftop DC Ventilation Fan with 14 inch axial flow type fan blades, able to run nonstop in any sunny moment

This solar cell fan turbine extraction model (also solar roof kits / solar air blower roof mounted exhaust fan / attic gable fan large DC powered exhaust fan whisper quiet / solar panel flat roof mounting roof vent / galvanized air blower solar ceiling fan, etc.) belongs to its medium size / power version, and it suits many application places covering residential, industrial, commercial even agricultural. But if the local weather is hot and you need an even stronger fan, please consider its 40W or 50W versions. Other Size / Power Options:

SN2016029: 14''  40W/21V, PV adjustable SN2018027: 14''  50W/22.5V, PV adjustable
SN2013001: 12'' 20W/18V, PV adjustable SN2014002-50: 14'' 50W/22.5V, PV detachable

Product Description

Professional Product Designing:

Patented Ventilation Structure:

Our Solar Fan Greenhouse Exhaust Vent is an axial flow type roof ventilator, but it is made with a 360-degree swirl turbine air ventilation structure to guarantee no backward air flow from the exterior. This is essential & beneficial:
Wind Guide Blades + Fan Blades
* The wind guide cone with 24pcs wind guide blade structure is held a patent by us, to effectively support the interior hot air be extracted out at less counterforce!

* The axial flow type 7pcs fan blade structure is uniquely made from nylon-fiber-aluminum, to upgrade the fan
system with better performance at quieter operation!

Unique Brushless DC Motor:

Our solar roof extractor fan will start and keep running once sunlight is available, own to it is equipped with a best motor. This engine is IP68 waterproof, to assure the fan be suitable to install anywhere:

High Efficiency + Unique Waterproof
* The high energy efficiency feature in our motor supports the fan start running once solar panel input reaches 9V in the morning, and the fan keep running until solar panel output drops down to 9V in the afternoon!

* Since IP68 waterproof, our product is guaranteed to work well in a long run, even for water tank cooling applications, while other similar items can not do!

Reliable Product Performance at Easy Installation:
Many Other Practical Product Applications:

Flexible Customization Possibilities Make the Fan Most Fit:

* Thermostat or Cable Cord with Switch or Remote Controller, to run/stop the solar fan
* Fan Guard, to protect fan blades or to prevent small animals entering into the house
* Different Fan Base, to make the solar fan installation be more easily fit to the roofing profile
* AC/DC Adapter or Solar Battery Kit, to run the solar fan nonstop even at night
AC/DC Adapter
* to support the solar fan runs nonstop under grid electricity supply during sunless periods
* AC input is suitable 100~240V
* DC output is maximum 18V 1.5A
* an inbuilt Smart Controller will be added into the solar fan to handle automatic power shifts between solar panel & this AC/DC adapter
* shall be plugged to a wall socket

Solar Battery Kit
* to support the solar fan runs nonstop under battery supply during sunless periods
* 9.6Ah battery is charged by an independent 40W/19.5V solar panel
* battery output is maximum 16V 0.5A
* an inbuilt Smart Controller will be added into the solar fan to handle automatic power shifts between solar panel & this battery kit
* shall be put on the building roof to receive sunshine
Remote Controller
* to turn off/on the solar fan immediately
* can turn off the solar fan automatically after a set 2hrs/4hrs operation time
* an inbuilt Smart Controller will be added into the solar fan and code-match with this remote controller so as to realize its remote manual settings
* each time of remote setting is valid for 12 hours only, which means the fan will automatically resume running ever after

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