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Solar Energy Car Mini Toy Car Educational

Solar Energy Car Mini Toy Car Educational

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This cool little racer needs no batteries, just power from the sun! This is a fun and educational way to learn about solar power.

The solar cell used in the solar racer is a small version of the solar panels used on space satellites and space stations.

The solar cell generates electricity from the sunshine that drives a miniature motor that turns the wheels.

These little cars can really move. Race against your friends is great fun for all ages.

The mini racers are small enough to go anywhere with a nice little carrying container. We even race them inside using small mag flashlights.

Not suitable for children 3 because of small parts.

Name: Qinmay solar car/a car
Applicable: 3 years old and above/3 years old and above
Power: Solar
Material: Abs
Size: L: 3.3cm w: 2.2cm h: 1.4cm
Use: Vibration movement/vibration

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Toy car*1

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