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A&M Global Solar

Fruit and Vegetable Power Bank

Fruit and Vegetable Power Bank

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Battery type: liquid lithium ion battery (18650)
Applicable type: general purpose
Battery type: cylindrical aluminum shell
Shell material: environmentally friendly pvc soft rubber
Additional features: Smart sleep, cartoon image customization
Size: Mini
Color: eggplant, ice cream, chili, pineapple, pizza
Power capacity: standard capacity 8800 milliliters

[Input power]: DC 5V-2A
[Output power]: DC 5V-2A
[Packing]: unique independent packaging
[Product standard configuration]: power bank + V8 charging cable
1. Brand new A product polymer battery cell, which can provide saturated power for mobile phones
2. Simple USB interface output, charging.
3. Durable and durable, the number of charge and discharge cycles is ≥500 times
4. Intelligent control over charge, over discharge, and short circuit protection circuit
5. Automatic sleep, automatic sleep in non-working state to prevent power loss
6. One machine with multiple functions, compatible with 99% devices with USB charging on the market, such as various mobile phones, IPOD, MP3, MP4, mobile phones, GPS, Bluetooth, digital cameras, etc.
7. The USB port is used for power supply and output, and it can be charged at any time by plugging in the data cable.
8. PVC environmental protection material, flame-retardant, wear-resistant and drop-proof, and feel as delicate as baby skin.

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