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Hidoes B3 1200w Fat Tire E Mountain bike

Hidoes B3 1200w Fat Tire E Mountain bike

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Product Paramenters
Main specification
Motor Type permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Max riding noise ≤ 62db
Rated power 1200W
Rated RPM 235r/min
Rated voltage 48V
Rated efficiency 81%
KW.H per 100km ≤1.2kw.h/100km
Weight 28kgs
Max load 90 kgs
Dimension 204*92*114cm
Max speed Max Speed (EU stock): 25km/h (can be set to 60km/h)
Max Speed (US stock): 60km/h
Distance per once charge ≥50-60 km
Climbing ≤12 °
Overcurrent protection value 15± 1A
undervoltage protection value 31.5±0.5V
Battery type Lithium polymer
Battery voltage 48V
Battery capacity 17.5Ah
Charger Input voltage AC110-220V50HZ
Charging time 6~8h
Tire Size 26 inch
Product Description

B3- (1)B3- (4)B3- (7)B3- (3)B3- (6)B3- (12)B3- (9)B3- (13)B3- (2)B3- (10)B3- (8)B3- (14)B3- (11)B3- (5) 

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