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Solar 40W 20Ah Battery Wireless Wi-Fi 4G Router

Solar 40W 20Ah Battery Wireless Wi-Fi 4G Router

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40W Solar 20Ah Battery Wireless Wifi 4G Router with Solar Power modem 4g wifi with sim card

4G Solar Outdoor Router

A companion wireless communication product developed specifically for the needs of the security industry, with a wireless rate of up to 300Mbps, bringing great convenience to security users in engineering construction, and providing secure data network, acquisition and transmission for surveillance. All-network 4G network access, fully compatible with 4G/3G/2G network, equipped with a 10/100M Ethernet LAN interface, and ICP connection connection; 1 DC 12V reverse power supply port, can directly power the IPC. With the solar system, the installation is more arbitrary.

Product Features

Solar Powered Systems

Solar monitoring power supply system 12V lithium battery field no power no network 4G camera solar power generation.Solar power 40W 20Ah, built-in large capacity battery, 12V power output, stable power supply to 4G CPE through waterproof power DC interface

Industrial waterproof design, reverse power supply, 300M wireless speed

Adopt professional wireless processor, integrated molding shell, can effectively waterproof and dustproof, external 5dBi 4G professional antenna, built-in WiFi antenna, the device itself is configured to connect the cable, providing a 100 megabit wired port, connected to the IPC, network transmission more stable, another configuration of 12V DC output port, can directly power the IPC.

Easy to set up, plug and play

Built-in quick setup wizard, guiding customers to complete the configuration easily; default 4G access mode, plug and play; support 4G to wired, support mobile Unicom Telecom 4G/3G/2G Internet cards, more 4G Internet advantages in places where wired bandwidth can not reach, 4G and wired automatically switch, never disconnected.  

A variety of security policies to protect network data security at all times  

Support WPS, WPA, WPA2 wireless security access, support SSID masking, guest network, black and white list, LAN port isolation, ALG, MAC filtering, IP filtering, NAT settings, DDOS effective protection network security, always protect the user network data security.

A variety of status statistics, always know the working status of the device

Built-in traffic statistics, support traffic package settings, easy to understand the monthly traffic usage; multi-state work indicator, real-time work log view, always know the working status of the device.

Never-ending product feature updates and performance optimization 

The R&D team with craftsmanship spirit has been never-ending feature updates to simply and efficiently meet the needs of various network environments; refined performance optimization to ensure the provision of the highest quality network products and enhance user experience.


4G LTE FDD:B38/B39/B40/B41(2600/1900/2300/2500MHZ)
3G WCDMA:B1/B8(2100/900MHZ)
2G GSM:B3/B8(1800/900MHZ)50.png51.png52.png53.png54.png55.png

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