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1000-Watt DIY Home Solar Panel Power System

1000-Watt DIY Home Solar Panel Power System

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1000 watt solar panel power system home

  Off-grid solar power system is a solution in the non- electric supply place. The solar panels convert sun light to the electric, used for household appliance (such as TV, computer and washing machine). It has been gradually accepted as an economic and non-polluted power solution.

  A set of system include PV panels, combiner box, controller, inverter and batteries. All the facilities make sure the sun light convert to DC load, and then AC house load automatically.

  Yaochuang off-grid solar power system belong to Yunnan yaochuang energy development Co.,LTD. The company established in Yunnan Kunming on the 16th, April, 2013. We have cooperated with the government to accomplish several solar power programs. We keep on customized and specialized in solar power area.

Product Introduction

1000 watt solar panel power system home components

Facilities of a set of system:

• PV module – converts sunlight into DC electricity.

• Solar charge controller – regulates the voltage and current coming from the PV panels going to
battery and prevents battery overcharging and prolongs the battery life.

• Inverter – converts DC output of PV panels or wind turbine into a clean AC current for AC
appliances or fed back into grid line.

• Battery – stores energy for supplying to electrical appliances when there is a demand.

• Load – is electrical appliances that connected to solar PV system such as lights, radio, TV, computer, pump,refrigerator, etc.

• Auxiliary energy sources - is diesel generator or other renewable energy sources.

PV arry
25 years 80% power output
A+++ Grade with TUV, CE certificate
Combiner box
10 years warranty
CE certificate
5 year warranty
CE certificate
2 year warranty
CE certificate
DOD≤25%, 5 years warranty
DOD≤60%, 2 years warranty
CE certificate
Other accesories
5 year warranty

Product Details Show

Solar panel

A grade Positive power tolerance:0~+5W

Potential Induced Degradation (PID) Resistant

Modules binned by current to improve system performance

100% EL double-inspection ensures modules are defects free

Off grid solar charge controller

Solar panels may make power at very high voltage and current. If all that is fed directly to the battery then it may get overcharged or blast (in extreme cases).

A solar charge controller prevents this from happening. It is is placed in between the solar panels and the battery bank to regulate the charging (current and voltage) of the batteries through solar.

Basically, without a charge controller it is not possible to safely use solar energy for charging batteries.

Solar Power Storage battery

Low self-discharge and long shelf life

Non-Spillable construction

Safety valve installation for explosion proof

Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance

99.7% pure lead calcium grids and A recognized component of U.L

Solar Off grid inverter

1. Toroidal transformer of light weight, small size, high conversion efficiency, low power consumption, good load capacity and load adaptability, etc.

2. AC input automatic voltage regulator (AVR), input voltage range of 145V ~ 275V.

3. Liquid crystal (LCD) display, backlight power saving mode. The main display real-time battery voltage, battery capacity, input and output voltage, output frequency, duty ratio, etc. Automatically switch the display according to different working conditions.

4. Having overload, battery overcharge, over discharge, output short circuit, over-temperature protection features.

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