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Emergency Solar Panel W/ Light

Emergency Solar Panel W/ Light

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This solar internal light kit gives economic solar lighting solution to storage spaces, isolated containers, garage,basement, wood house, remote cabinet, camping sites, and scenarios in need of lighting but not convenient with regular power. It comes with waterproof solar panel to fixed outdoor to capture the solar power, and a rechargeable internal light to store the electricity and then give lighting to remote indoor spaces. The kit completes with necessary parts to make it easy to use and friendly for users with delicate details.
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1 X 15W Poly Crystalline Solar Panel with Junction box
- Dimension:
1 X Mount Bracket for Solar Panel
1 X 600 LM 8W Rechargeable LED light with Magnet
- Dimension: (13”) or L 340*H 40 mm
- Rechargeable lithium ion battery10,400mAh 3.7V
- The built-in battery supports the light to work at five mode with the reference lighting hours:
Strong: 6Hrs/600lm, Medium: 12Hrs/300lm, Weak:60Hrs/60lm, Flash: 12Hrs, S.O.S.: 20Hrs
1 X 100ml Silicon glue - Used to fix the solar panel bracket and cable gland to surface
1 X 3m Cable - One end with mini USB to connect with light, one end with bare cable with tin
soldering to connect solar panel.
2 X Cable Management Kit - Sticker plus cable tie

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How To Use the light:
1. Weak / Medium / Strong Mode: Short press the button and switch the light into Weak / Medium / Strong / Off 4 cycles step by step.
2. Flash / S.O.S. mode: Long press the button 2 seconds to get in Flash, then long press the button another 2 seconds to get in S.O.S. During the Flashing/S.O.S., short press the button to get in Strong mode.
3. Charge:Red light flash indicates charging,Red light steady on indicates battery full.

The rechargeable light comes with 2 pcs of permanent magnet design -- HEAD and the end of the 2 N35 magnet adsorption surface, metal shell, LED tube, each iron Core paste, need to place the order of the best lighting Angle fixed position.
Below are steps to fixed light on non iron surface with iron core paste as below.
 Split adhesive iron Core paste.
 Attach the paste to surface after remarking distance of magnet of light.
 Place the product on the patch, the magnet will stick to patches.
 The light sticked to patches is fixed ready to give light.
Threading, and fixing the thread Check the installation site, make measurement of ideal installation of solar panel, gland, and light, make plan and necessary remarks of the parts for final installation.
1 - Make wiring with Cable Gland
 The provided 3 meter cable are used for connection for between solar panel and light.
The tin soldering end of the cable has to be coming through the cable gland first because
mini USB end is larger than gland.
 Drill a hole for cable indoor where to fix the gland in proper position, then paste the cable gland with silicon glue. After silicon glue gets dry, then tighten the terminals of gland to fix Bare end tin solder goes through cable gland first.the cable and make the wiring waterproof.
2 - Make wiring with Solar Panel.
 Take off the lid of junction box at back of solar panel
 Take off the screws on the Positive ‘+’ and the Negative ‘-’ terminals. then wrap the copper wire of cable around ‘+’ and ‘-’
 Put back the screws and tighten the wires on terminals by the screws.

 The light is Non-waterproof: Do not use the light in or close to Water/Rain/Steam; If you have to use then please put on a sealed transparent strong plastic bag or box.
 Charging: Solar power is first option to charge light without extra power access. You might use standard 5V 1A/2A USB Charger, Android Phone Charger or Computer USB Port to charge.
 Keep the light away from fire, High Temperature or Extreme Environment; Do not expose the light under the Sun.
 Do not disassemble the light without authorization. Only professional maintenance personnel can repair the light.
 Do not shake, beat, hit or tread on the light.
 In most cases, the solar panel are maintenance-free. The solar panels putting outdoor may get dirty with dust in non-rainy seasons or high sand reason. Then solar charge are effected in this way. In such case, take care of yourself when climbing high if you find the charge is not sufficient during good sunshine and have to clean the solar panel by soft cloth or neutral cleaner.
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