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20W Solar Panel Wall Exhaust Fan

20W Solar Panel Wall Exhaust Fan

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Multi Purpose Solar Gable Ventilator, Serves Well Everywhere
A self-contained axial flow type solar wall fan,
taking advantage of natural solar energy, to allow savings of up to 100%, and suit all kinds of building installation;
it would pump out the interior stale air and excessive heat to improve indoor air circulation,
reduce moisture & harmful mildews,
and help reduce the load on air conditioning and HVAC systems both in Summer & in Winter.


It's of the highest efficient & quiet ventilation, by top grade IP68 waterproof brushless DC motor.
It's also of the easiest installation and no dependence on AC grid, while always freshens air for various premises especially attic, gable, basement, even those crawl spaces at no cost, serving as a most natural ventilation solution for your healthy and comfortable living space!

Benefiting from 18V DC low voltage, it’s also a safer product to protect your safety better!

Product Part Display:                                                                                                                                                  

------ ------ Galvanization Steeling + Anti-UV Powder Coating Finished Fan Host ------ ------
Slidable Mounting Bracket on the Fan Host
* it has 4 slidable mounting brackets, can move forward / backward to adjust for a best point so as to match the wall thickness & to embed the fan well into the wall
* it's mounted seperate from solar panel, this supports the fan be flexibly utilized with installations at any corner of the house
* fan host has a front-side Aluminum fan guard, to prevent animals go inside the house, and to protect the fan blades

Square Mounting Frame for the Fan Host
* an optional 416x416mm galvanization steeling square frame can be added to support easier installation of the fan host
* this frame would greatly enhance the product beauty, while it can easily connect several fans together to form a stronger air ventilation system

(this optional frame is suitable for 14'' fan host only)

------ ------ IP68 Waterproof Brushless DC Motor ------ ------
Patented & Unique Made Top Grade Motor
Voltage: DC 9~24V
Power: ≤ 50W
Size: dia.86mm
Motor Speed: 70~1200RPM
IP Rate: IP68 (waterproof)
Sound: Quiet (< 45dB)
Designed Lifespan: > 10 years
Material: pure copper, high quality ball bearing
warranty: 5 years

------ ------ Polycrystalline Cells & PV Angle Adjustable Solar Panel ------ ------
Detached & Angle Adjustable Solar Panel
* solar panel is seperated from the fan, this is good to install it anywhere on roof / wall to avoid its sunlight be blocked from any possible surroundings
* its tilting angle is 0° ~ 45°
* its cable length is 10m
* its wire connectors are waterproof

Since PV is separated from fan, it is also flexible to upgrade the solar panel power so as to enlarge the fan performance:

Full Series Size Options: 14'' 20W/30W/40W/50W & 12'' 15W
#SN2015011: 14'' 20W #SN2015004: 14'' 30W #SN2016028: 14'' 40W #SN2018032: 14'' 50W

Standardize Production with High Consistency:

Flexible Customization Possibilities Make the Fan More Fit:                                                             
* on/off devices: Snap-Action Thermostat / Cable Cord Switch / Remote Controller
* Rear-Side Fan Guard: Metal / Aluminum
* energy backup devices: AC/DC Power Adapter /
Solar Battery Kit

AC/DC Power Adapter
* to support the solar fan runs nonstop under grid electricity supply during sunless periods
* AC input is suitable 100~240V
* DC output is maximum 18V 1.5A
* an inbuilt Smart Controller will be added to handle automatic power shifts between solar panel & this AC/DC power adapter
* shall be plugged to a wall socket

Solar Battery Kit
* to support the solar fan runs nonstop under battery supply during sunless periods
* battery is charged by its solar panel
(the PV will include 2 parts now: one part powers the fan directly, another part charges the battery only)
* battery output is maximum 12.8V 0.5A
* an inbuilt Smart Controller will be added to handle automatic power shifts between solar panel & this battery kit

Practical Product Applications:
this simple but functional solar wall fan can be used almost everywhere

You can combine different solar fans even skylights together to DIY your modern & unique solar home system!

Quality & Warranty
Fan Host
designed lifespan > 20 years
warranty: 15 years
Fan Motor & Fan Blades
designed lifespan > 10 years
warranty: 5 years
Solar Panel
designed lifespan > 25 years
warranty: 15 years
other electronic elements
designed lifespan > 10 years
warranty: 5 years
if AC/DC Power Adapter
designed lifespan > 10 years
warranty: 5 years
if Solar Battery Kit
designed lifespan > 8 years
warranty: 2 years
* the above warranty terms are based on the products be used in normal environments, no corrosive substance surrounded

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